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Barnacle Mugs (X-Large)

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  • Artist: Mia Casal
  • With Potter's Signature
  • Locally made
  • Materials: Stoneware Clay with food-grade glazes
  • Rustic coasters in the same color to pair with your favorite barnacle mugs are also available
  • This product is handmade which may result in variances in texture, color, and shape. No two pieces are exactly alike.
  • Sold solo or as a gift set
  • Gift set inclusions: Kraft gift box, TSG branded silk ribbon, Plantable gift card, Handwritten note, option to arrange for shipping (SF billed separately)
  • For custom bundles or bulk orders, contact:
  • All stocks are on-hand


Stonecur8.MNL x Art.Cur8.MNL is a small online business that procures elegant kitchen pieces and artistic elements to add to your dining experience. Their mugs and cups are constant favorites in our own home and we’d like to bring them to you via our grocer. 

Cur8.MNL’s coffee collection can be purchased individually or as part of our evergreen gift sets, Kape x Kalakal.

Mia Casal Ceramics

No two mugs are the same. Each one is individually crafted by Mia Casal, a local potter, based in the coastal Zambales. These barnacle mugs are original designs of the artist, taking inspiration from things washed to the shore after a heavy storm. This includes pieces of driftwood with a cluster of uniquely shaped barnacles. Each is made with black sand and stone clay fired in a gas kiln.

Mia Casal Ceramics’ Barnacle mugs can be purchased individually or as part of our evergreen gift sets, Kape x Kalakal.

EJ Espiritu Stonewares

The one-of-a-kind glazes found on EJ Espiritu’s renowned pieces found a special place in our hearts and in our kitchen. Each piece is hand glazed by either dipping or pouring, creating little details and variations that make each cup particularly unique and personal.

Our recent favorites come from his Taal Ash collection, where the glaze is made from ash from the Taal eruption in 2020. As our hometown is from Agoncillo, Batangas - one that was amongst the badly hit areas by the eruption - we have a strong affinity on these pieces. We were thrilled to see something beautiful created out of a devastating event.

EJ Espiritu’s mugs and espresso collection can be purchased individually or as part of our evergreen gift sets, Kape x Kalakal.


PL Aguila Manufacturing

After 40 years, PL Aguila Manufacturing Inc. remains a family-owned business committed to food quality of the highest standards. Handcrafted using the finest ingredients, PL Aguila Manufacturing Inc. finds its products in hotels, restaurants, and major food chains. Now, it is possible to have them at home too through our grocer.

Benjoys Food Products

Benjoy’s is a local food manufacturer whose products you would mostly find in online bazaars and online marketplaces. Now you can order them through our grocer.

Local Products

We grew up enjoying traditional good food from our hometown in Batangas, accessible through our local market where our grandparents would bring us. The smell of freshly roasted Kapeng Barako and tablea tsokolate brings back fond memories of living the slow life in our Batangas home.

It is our pleasure and pride to bring your breakfast tables the taste of the authentic #LongganisangTaal among other local bestsellers from our hometown.

Home Cooks

Our grocer supports home cooks and home-based sellers by partnering with them to sell their goods using our platform. We commit to a fair price and pay our partners the amount that is equitable to the value of the products they bring to our grocer.


The Sunrise Grocer

We started as a small-scale online shop during the height of the first COVID-lockdown in 2020. It was a time when corporate employment was unstable and there's so much time in our hands. With very little means and a huge desire to turn things around, we started selling local Batangas goods in online marketplaces to jumpstart.

In 2021, we are still selling our original best-sellers and added more breakfast staples to our menu. We bring to families and households high quality, locally sourced, and delectable food and beverage options.

An exciting milestone to our journey is the birth of our evergreen gift sets. Our mission is simple: we wish to help you make gift-giving and keeping in touch with loved ones affordable and hassle-free. And there's no better way to send love than sharing the gift of good food- from our hometown to your breakfast tables.

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